3M ESPE innovation now brings you Full Contoured Zirconia restorations. These glazed Zirconia units have no ceramic layering and give you strength and esthetics of Zirconia with minimal tooth reduction.


1. Precision CAD/CAM system for outstanding marginal fit

2. Proven high strength* performance-1440 MPa* 3-pt. bend strength

3. 10+ Years clinical study with 100% survival rate***

4. Natural translucency and unmatched aesthetics

5. Patented substructure system available in 8 shades

6. Limited 10-Year warranty**

7. Supplied via Authorized 3M Milling Partners only

8. The warranty card will contain a genuine 3MAuthentication Label


3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Premium system is based on a unique 3M™ ESPE™ shading technology, meaning that its color is not on the surface but comes from within.


1. Excellent Translucency and High Strength

2. 18 natural, warm and vivid tooth colors, 7 effect shades and a fluorescent effect shade are available for unlimited individualization.

3. Years of clinical experience and millions of successful cases worldwide enables a 15-Year limited warranty**

4. Supplied via Authorized 3M Milling Partners only

5. The warranty card will contain a genuine 3MAuthentication label


3MTM Precision Finished Metal* (PFM*) is a recommended choice for crown and bridge restorationsin cases where metal-free alternatives are not an option.


1. Improved fit and precision of CAD/CAM technology

2. Supplied via 3M Authorized Milling partners only

3. Good durability of the metal framework

4. The warranty card will contain a genuine 3M authentication label

5. Limited 10-Year warranty**

6. Nickle-free

7. 30% less weight than regular PFM

8. Non-Allergic

3M PFM* gives you the precision of 3M CAD/ CAM technology supported by the trust and authenticity of a global brand. 3M PFM* uses a time tested technology process used in high end fabrication of engineering and space componentstomanufacture the metal substructure. It uses the LavaTM Wax block milled on 3M precision CAD/CAM systems to create a wax coping which is then cast into ametal framework thus providing improved fit and precision. It is available onlyvia authorized 3M Milling centers.